Collab with Mouthy Poets

A unique collab with Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson (leader of Mouthy Poets), Emily Franklin (singer and member of both the Mouthy Poets and The G.O.A. Choir) and Honey Williams (MD of The G.O.A.) – performed live at ‘Say Sum Thin 7’ ft. poet John Agard at the Nottingham Playhouse.

An exciting piece, intriguingly titled ‘Pat-a-Cake Game’, its jam-packed with very deep, huge and sensitive topics such as #racism and #bullying and how it effects women, the rise of #UKIP #whitesupremacy #misogyny #homophobia #gender and #school no less! Though the topics are heavy we’ve added our unique slants to create something electrifying.

If you want to collab with us, please get in contact!

Our collab on film:

Filmed by: Mellow9Productions

Who are Mouthy Poets? If you don’t know, you really should… read more.