The women of The G.O.A. have been rehearsing for an amazing spoken word poetry event called ‘Say Sum Thin 7’ by The Mouthy Poets featuring the legendary Poet John Agard at the Nottingham Playhouse.

Our Choir Director Honey Williams has been busily vocally arranging, song writing, poeticising and getting our collabo on with Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson (Leader of Mouthy Poets) and Emily Franklin (Singer and member of both the Mouthy Poets and The G.O.A. Choir) to put together an exciting piece intriguingly titled ‘Pattercake Song’, its jam-packed with very deep, huge and sensitive topics such as #Racism and #Bullying and how it effects women, the rise of #UKIP #WhiteSupremacy #misogyny #homophobia #gender and #school no less!
Though the topics are heavy we’ve added our unique slants to create something electrifying (Listen to the final draft of the collabo here

We will be performing this piece at the Nottingham Playhouse, 19th July 2014, not to be missed!
See link for more info:

The MOUTHY Poets blog

Length: 8min


-Staging and performance?


Patter Cake Song


Audio Track Start


Tie tight, black boards painted white.

New school electric-keyboard fight!

The clasp of music class. The tempting tickle

to spend lesson one in a toilet cubicle.

Teenagers stretch and strike Superkings.

All adults are about to pickle aspirations,

the walls start to shrivel. My new bra

starts to scream. There’s a knot of girls waiting,

on the field, hair so tight it looks like maths.

My 3rd generation leather suitcase looks crass.

My mum cautioned me of this mass:

Honey Lyrics:

this kind of racism aint easy to see

its covert and ninjalike I’ve had to be

it puts white appearing people in a privilege place

when you go for a job you know the skin on your face

will never negatively effect your prospects in anyway

unless you’re foreign in which case


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