The Last 3 Months

Right. Ok. So.

It’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve just been so crazy busy with all variety of gigs over the past months. Ever since our epic, Sold-Out show at The Playhouse in March we’ve been booked out to perform at bar openings, national spokenword competitions, and various local sessions with legendary artists on the Nottingham music scene.

Read on for a roundup of all the awesome gigs, killer outifits, and soulful music that we’ve been sharing with Nottingham these past 3 months.

Rockin’ The Maze – Saturday 16th June
NottinghamLive @ The Maze

Most recently, we provided an eclectic contrast to the awesome local rock artists at NottinghamLive’s event in The Maze; singing everything from The Rolling Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter’, to a bashment version of The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’, to some Honey Williams originals.
It was great to kill it alongside some proper local talent. Big up to: Lee Tabix – the Human Beatboxer; Strings of Seville; and the Proper English Gentlemen. If you missed the gig because of the bad weather, shame on you, a little water never hurt anyone.

Massive thanks to Daniel Whiston for some killer shots of The Gang of Angels in action. Check us out in our Ice Cream colours:




Two Gigs. One Evening. – Saturday 9th June
Shake the Dust @ Nottingham Playhouse.

To support the SpokenWord community, Shake The Dust brought together professional poets and children to perform in the UK’s biggest youth poetry slam. As active members of Nottingham’s art scene, with direct connections to Nottingham’s Mouthy Poets, we sang three of Honey WIlliams’ original tracks after the poetry performances.
In the dark we marched through the audience to the stage singing ‘The G.O.A’s Here’, rallied troops to ‘Mutiny’, and got our ‘Payback’ on before dashing off stage to our second gig of the night!

@ Jam Café, supported by Hannah Heartshape

Legging it from Nottingham Playhouse to Jam Café, we arrived to catch the beautiful tones of Hannah Heartshape. Packed out as usual, the atmosphere at Jam was buzzing and the audience spilled out onto the street.
Negotiating the tiny stage The Gang performed 15 sexy, raw-edged, harmonified arrangements, directed by the fabulous miss Honey Williams. As a surprise for our regular fans, Fallen Angel Ms. Emily Franklin rejoined The Gang to open our second set and, by the end of the night, we had the audience on their feet, getting their groove on, demanding an encore. We rocked out till 12:30 a.m.! Basically, we shut it dowwwwwnnn!

Nina Smith Collaboration – Wednesday 6th June

Okay. Right. So.

For those of you have read this far, be prepared for Nina to release something absolutely awesome in the near future, with a feature from The Gang of Angels. Extremely excited for this!

The Lacehouse Grand Opening – Saturday 19th May

For the red-carpet, grand opening of The Lacehouse in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market area, The Gang descended to provide an a capella, angelic atmosphere to the extremely classy and warehouse-chic bar. Nina Smith ended the evening with a gorgeous acoustic set on the guitar, supported by a human beatboxer.
If you love cocktails in a beautifully converted Lace Factory get down to The Lacehouse – keep an eye and ear out for more music there in the future.

Under The Tree @ The Bodega The Bodega – Thursday 26th April

The Gang were approached to perform at I’mNotFromLondon‘s first ‘Under The Tree’ gig at The Bodega, which has since become a monthly event. So check out the next one!

Check out this awesome review of the evening by NottinghamLive’s very own Darren Patterson:

The first act I did manage to catch on the night were THE G.O.A CHOIR, I had heard a lot of great things about this group and was glad to finally be able to catch them perform. Somehow they all managed to get up on the small stage area in the corner of the venue and proceeded to belt out a set of brilliant acapella styled versions of some of your favourite hits. The Gang of Angels (as the G.O.A stands for) soon had the whole of The Bodega clapping and swaying along in what was a fun, energetic and powerful set.

Once again, big respect to Lee Tabix, and also to Rob Green; legends on the Notts music scene.

Supporting the New Art Exchange – Saturday 24th March 2012

Not long after our massive gig at The Playhouse, we jammed down at the NAE for the AGM alongside some awesome poets and Indian dancers. It was great to support the local arts community and, as usual, we rocked out some massive tunes. Check out this awesome picture of The G.O.A from the audience’s perspective:


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