The G.O.A @ The Playhouse

One month has passed since we played our Sold-Out show at The Nottingham Playhouse’s Playroom (10/03/2012), and the responses that we’ve had from our loyal fan base certainly made honing our luscious harmonies and killer style totally worth it.


The room was dark. The audience, sat in quiet anticipation. The G.O.A waiting, primed and ready, in the shadows of the wings. Suddenly, Honey William’s original track “The G.O.A’s Here” kicked in, we let our voices fly over the audience from both sides and the show began!

During the first half we blasted through both originals and covers. We paid homage to Prince, The Rolling Stones, The Gossip and even encouraged the soulful melodies out of the punk classic ‘Ever Fallen In Love’. Louise Woodward, Loretta “Cake Fashionista” Rose, Janette Thompson, Rachel McKenzie Young, Alisia Hargreaves, Lewis “Fangs” Barlow and Honey all threw down some epic solos.

Whilst the audience enjoyed cocktails at CAST during the interval we transformed from a gang in metallic glitz to a tribe of peacock-coloured songsmiths, adorned in all manner of splendour.


With a high energy second half we dropped back into the 80s for some awesome covers and we even rapped in harmony to a massive Missy Elliot 90s track. We also showcased some more original material from our very own Honey Williams like “Payback”, produced by the legendary Nottingham-based Joe Buhdha, and “Impersonate the Tide”, in which Phil Berry, Ella Hunter and Emma Tickle sang beautiful solos.

Encore! Encore! Oh go on then. The G.O.A can’t refuse a request like that from such a high energy audience, so we serenaded the crowd whilst they danced in the aisles.

Big up to Honey Williams for all the original material and arrangements, and also to Holly Lucas; our super new Angel who joined us only weeks before this epic gig.

The G.O.A want to say a MASSIVE THANKS to all those that made this such an awesome gig. Big up to:
Bea Udeh and the Playhouse team for sorting us out.
Steph, our ‘Techy’ for your relentless patience.
David Stillitoe, for the photography of our pre-gig rehearsal.
Donna Brady, for photographing the gig, and capturing us in action.
Daniel Senior & Holly Lucas and their genius projections, and his videography skills.
Ioney Smallhorne for her videography on stage, and back stage.
Sarena, for the epic headdress that Honey Williams rocked during the second half.

Want to see more from The G.O.A? Come see us perform at I’m Not From London’s ‘Under The Tree’ at The Bodega Social Club on Thursday 26th April, from 7:30pm till late:

Keep an eye out for future gigs, recorded material, and more blogs coming your way soon!

If you want to contact us or check us out on:
email us at:

Peace out,
Ed Reisner


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