New Sounds:

Coming Soon!


On our Myspace Twitter and Facebook Our Choir has managed to drum up alot of interest in us from around the world from Chicago to Cheltenham

We are in the process of cooking up our sound and getting ourselves recorded (we want to make sure our mics sound nice ‘check one! in other words…

‘We want to make sure everything is in tip top quality condition before we put anything out there), but Good news – All going smooth thus far we shall be going back into the studio very soon.

*So watch this space.

For now all one can do is salivate and indulge in ponderment and intrigue and but wonder…..

‘Just what they are going to sound like??’

******Again watch this space!

Our Mixtape is coming very soon but If you are partial to boxes and you twisted our arms simultaneously

we would describe our sound in a nutshell as Acoustic/Electro/Acapella. As soon as we have our sounds stewed to perfection…..we will serve them up hot n’ fresh on:

(and also on a choice few select other sites as well)

[For more updates us check out on our Twitter:]

Written by Honey Williams


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